Pregnancy Necklace

GraceFull Birthing

$ 90.00
Pregnancy Necklace

Rose Quartz – Heart opening, creates deeper connection to love, compassion and to your true self

Aquamarine - Supports a peaceful and tranquil environment internally and externally.

Crystal - Activates intuition to enhance concentration and clarity.

The Sri Yantra - This is the symbol of the sacred feminine.  It invokes the energy of the mother/goddess to rise and shine forth more fully. Calls in abundance.

Women are creators.  We are constantly creating nourishing environments to successfully gestate and birth not only souls, but also ideas, into this world. Pregnancy and the experience of giving birth manifest some of the most sacred moments a woman can experience as she embodies her femininity during this journey of beauty, brilliance and deep healing. Wearing this necklace during both pregnancy and birth, calls in the divine feminine energy for support, abundance and deeper connection to ones radiant self and unique journey. The healing elements of these stones provide a calm and peaceful environment to welcome new life into this world; while the alchemy of this necklace invokes ones inner beauty and grounds it into the fierceness and courage that is ones birth right.

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