Post Partum Necklace

GraceFull Birthing

$ 90.00
Post Partum Necklace

Tourmaline - Invokes both joy and creativity 

Green Onyx - Supportive of communication, leadership and sharing your voice while also healing the nervous system

Amethyst - Meditative stone and is good for bringing forth vision to the wearer

The Sri Yantra - This is the symbol of the sacred feminine.  It invokes the energy of the mother/goddess to rise and shine forth more fully.

Giving birth to a person or an idea will shift the course of ones life forever. It is a joyous time of change and welcoming of new life experiences. Birthing often creates a surge of life giving energy that may have been lying dormant in the body and can sometimes overwhelm the nervous system. Wearing this necklace postpartum calls in the divine feminine energy for support, abundance and deeper connection to ones radiant self and her unique journey, activating the inner creative energy to flow while providing deep healing for the body. Let this necklace be a reminder to her while wearing it to experience joy in each moment of both the magical and the mundane while adapting to this new environment and role as mother.

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