Protection Necklace

GraceFull Birthing

$ 90.00
Protection Necklace

Turquoise - Offers healing and protection

Pearl- The moon, divine mother, grace, the softness of femininity

Citrine - Creativity, expansion, the teacher, the element of water

The Sri Yantra - This is the symbol of the sacred feminine. It invokes the energy of the mother/goddess to rise and shine forth more fully.

The role of the birth worker is to hold a clean and neutral space while supporting the different women who come into their  lives. It is important  to not only know thyself;  but also model the highest form of self care, which includes healthy boundaries, as many have a tendency to absorb energy from the individuals they are working with. These boundaries are firm, but can be created and communicated to others with softness. By wearing these stones, one grounds into the truth of who they are, which opens them up to an experience of them and the other as teachers while allowing the flow of the connection to the feminine. This alchemy is what keeps the individual safe and ultimately protects her from other people’s “stuff”.  When wearing this, the individual’s we encounter will receive the blessing of this grace.

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