SmartSoak Bath Soak

GraceFull Birthing

$ 12.00

When life takes a toll, just showering is not enough. 

Smartsoaks gather the heavy hitters of the plant and mineral kingdom to repair the damages of everyday life. Run a tub and let smartsoaks do the work. It’s carefully composed for real healing and is naturally dechlorinated. Rebuild damaged joints. Rejuvenate aching muscles. Restore mood elevating serotonin levels. 

These nifty smartsoaks are perfectly sized for travel or gifting. They are highly concentrated: each pack is a full treatment. Treat yourself after a massage or in place of one. They are an absolute must for anyone participating in a detoxification program; they also make a great healing treat for athletes after a run or workout!

Grapefruit smartsoaks lift your mood and ward off addictive cravings.

Lavender smartsoaks encourage restful sleep and peace of mind.

Eucalyptus smartsoaks relieve sinus congestion and ease flu symptoms.


  • Naturally de-chlorinates the bath water. Why take in a toxin when you’re soaking for your health?
  • Heals damaged skin from over exposure to the sun with sodium bicarbonate. Look out bug bites.
  • Draws on magnesium sulfate to rebuild damaged joints and raise serotonin levels for an increased sense of wellbeing. 
  • Features a rare form of juniper oil to heal muscles aching from gardening or sports. 

How to use: dissolve entire contents in a tub of warm water and soak until you forget your name – or at least ten minutes. The longer the soak, the greater the benefits. And don’t scrimp. It takes the whole bag, plus the bicarbonate insert to get the full healing effect. 

15 oz/425 g
no animal testing | vegan | non-toxic 

Ingredients: Magnesium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate, asorbic acid, essential oils

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